Safe & Secure Online Support

All our clients will have access to a safe and secure online platform and app where like minded individuals share, and heal. Trauma debriefers are available at all times to assist and guide you as you engage via support groups, or one on one. Please note that this platform is not part of any popular social media platforms, and your data security is our number one concern.

One on one, live Zoom sessions

Should you require one on one, live support - one of our skilled practitioners will reach out to you to arrange free sessions from the convenience of your own home, at a time that suits you.

We utilize Zoom as our primary source of global contact for face to face, live interactions. 

Online support

Join us for information talks hosted by subject matter experts so that you are informed about issues that impact you during your recovery and access survivor stories.

We are constantly updating our own knowledge and invite survivors to post information on our online platform to help others.

Our Founders


Sue M
Paramedic, Police Officer, Trauma Coach, Author, Survivor
Founder - Carlisle Support Network (CSN)

Learn more about Sue here

Keshnie Mathi
Counsellor, Transitional & EOL Specialist, Trainer, Survivor
Founder - The Wellness Specialist (TWS)

Learn more about Keshnie here
Our Operational Committee Team 

Global Ambassador

Amina Mohammed
Trauma Debriefer,  Certified Coach, Survivor

Learn more about Amina here

Global Ambassador

Tanya Milo
Trauma Debriefer, Survivor

Learn more about Tanya here

What people are saying

This is so needed and such a great initiative!

Lisa M South Africa

It is refreshing to be able to talk about my trauma with trained practitioners, but also people who actually understand.

Elbert Browne London

I did not think that I would be able to have a place to go whenever I needed to vent! The app is amazing!

Gracie Benson New Zealand