FREE - 24 hour support - 5 days a week
24 / 7 Hour Support

Our team of global team will be able to offer online support to you 24/7, Monday - Friday via the app

Global Support for All

We have seen the value of people from all around the world uniting to help each other. As a result we are active in all continents of the world, and offer support globally


We believe that trauma support should be accessible and available to all, so we offer our services for free

Frontline Worker Support

Our team consists of skilled practitioners specialized in the support of our first responders. We are completely independent of any other service and pride ourselves on being neutral

Consent & Confidentiality

We adhere to very strict practices around consent and confidentiality and we will be happy to discuss these with you. Our interaction takes place on a secure platform outside of popular social media platforms. 

Referral Networks

Trauma Debriefing is a short term supportive technique, and is most effective immediately after trauma, or when trauma emerges . Therefore we do have referral chains in place in the event that additional support is needed

% of women who have experienced trauma
% of men who have experienced trauma
% of children under the age of 16 impacted by trauma

Trauma is not rare. You are not alone.